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The primary job of a DJ is to select songs to play, of course. Sometimes these are pre-selected as a set, sometimes they're chosen on the fly based on the crowd and the music the prior DJs have played. It is usually a combination of the two. DJs who have great song selections are typically called diggers (from digging for records in crates at record stores).

Reginald Leger, a native of the Republic of Haiti, has always had a kinship for the technical as well as the creative aspect of audio and video.

Started his DJ career at 12 years old. Got influenced by some of the best Haiti had to offer. Master G. From Radio Port-au-Prince, Jean Camille “JC International” from Radio Metropole, most of all Vladimix from “Radio Nationale”. He was a guest DJ in these stations as well. When he came of age, Reginald worked for Radio National following the foot steps of Vladimix and later on got his own radio show at Majik 107 where he had the honor of working in the company of some radio legends in Haiti, Jean Camille “JC International” and Joe Damas.

He than moved on to work at Signal FM where he also had his own show and inserted himself among the best DJs Haiti had to offer. He started a movement in the DJ profession in Haiti by organizing some DJ contests and really got the public to understand an appreciate DJ skills.
Sasha Brant and a group of young DJs including Reginald got together an invited some of the best DJs from Miami Florida: DJ Laz, Tony The Tiger etc…

Leger became one of the go to DJs for any party in Haiti. He got together with a group on DJs like: Fritz Joassin “Toto Beat”, Fred Joassin, Pierrick Madsen “DJ Rick M”, Ernst Samedi ” Plashimix”, Vladimir Dumesle “Vladimix”, Tony Dalmistt “Tony D”. etc… and formed the most exclusive group of DJs in Haiti.
In 1994, he moved to Miami and started playing in some of the well known clubs on South Beach. Bash, Les Bains, Amnesia and on…

Leger once said only the lucky ones get up in the morning and look forward to going to work and he considers himself very lucky indeed.


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Podcasts are more popular than ever right now. There are countless music-related podcasts out there, but all those options can be a little daunting. So this is one of the best house music podcast out there for EDM lovers. Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re just looking for a hidden gem to make a long road trip go by a little faster, Leger’s podcast is just what you need.

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