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Now that Swedish House Mafia has come to a close, Axwell has been focusing his time and energy on his own personal pursuits. Recently he talked with Huffington Post on a number of topics, from the obvious to the more personal opinions of the famed DJ. The interview cited earlier quotes from him, like mentioning how he said Swedish House Mafia“wasn’t fun anymore.” The break up was simple for them, it was a matter of distance. He does go on to say it is much easier for him to work with Sebastian Ingrosso because they live in the same town. The other Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello lives in Los Angeles, which takes its toll on collaborating. Perfect examples of this new separation is the new track “Roar” which Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso created for Monsters University. The other is on the performance end, with the two DJs sharing a residency in Ibiza this summer. The festivities don’t end there for Axwell either, he is looking forward toTomorrowWorld in Atlanta…

“It’s going to be interesting to see how the crowd will be, and that’s what I’m most excited about. As for what TomorrowWorld and their plans for America, I’m sure they have all their strategies, but for me, it’s more about the crowd.”

The most important part of the whole interview is Axwell sharing his feelings on the state of house and electronic dance music in general. With the always looming fears of the “EDM Bubble” as it has been called, Axwell shares Sebastian Ingrosso‘s opinion that we may have reached an impasse.

“At one point, you come to the edge, where you can’t come any harder,” he said. “You have to go in a different angle, and I think we’ll be looking back at the roots and how things used to sound before and make new interpretations of that. I think that Daft Punk will probably inspire a lot of people with that album.”

Speaking of the French duo, Axwell did not have a positive perception of Random Access Memories at first. In fact, he “cringed” when he first heard it. His opinion has changed, however.

“…when I got past the build up of the album and listened to it for what it was — not with all those marketing strategies in mind — without expectation, it started to get for me. Now it’s one of my favorite albums that I put on, especially when I’m not listening to it actively, but just in the background. So, once again, they’ve proved their point to me.”

Axwell will be performing on the Saturday of TomorrowWorld.

Source: Huffington Post

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