Why me?

Playing music is easy. DJing…. Not so much. There is a difference.
Yeah the dumb part is if you play top 40, have no DJ skill, don’t mix, you’re fine. If you play top 40, attempt to mix but fail (trainwreck) you stand out.

You can take 1000 songs, multi-genre, sort by BPM and mix music, but if you take 100 random tracks and beatmix them perfectly for 4 hours, chances are you’re not creating that vibe in room (otherwise known as room programming).

I have had some amazing reactions to what I do, and then I’ve seen people try to duplicate it and fail. I’m not perfect and sometimes the crowd is complicated but I like to take pride in not playing the same set 4 nights a week, trying to find older songs other DJs and people in the crowd forgot about to take them back. I play whole songs when the time is right, and I short mix when the time is right. Some guys like to play the first minute of every song all night long. Others talk too much on the mic.

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