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“I think they might of been cops. But anyway, I was just dancing, and dancing, and… oh no, they were cops. Shit.” – Norm X

According to Fatboy Slim, he and Riva Starr were shopping for vinyl in Brooklyn and met this wonderful character. They said he was on a three-day bender, so they hooked him up to their Serato and sampled his belligerent rant. We’ve all talked to one of these guys before. Hell, some of you have probably been this guy before. Just hilarious nonsense getting pushed out of their mouths from exhaling their last nitrous hit, and still standing because of whatever they sniffed last. Regardless of this guys life style, he made for one hell of a feature on this track. The beat itself is nothing short of awesome. This is textbook techno at its finest form Riva Starr and FBSFatboy Slim is one of the best producer/performers in the business. He may be having more fun than the crowd, if possible. This is a great track, and I guarantee the number of Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat t-shirt sales just tripled. Buy it on Beatport, you know you want to.



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