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kHs ONE was not designed to be a fat analog beast with a massive warm sound. That just happened anyway. Now it’s finally available for your reason rack!

Whether you want a thumping bass, squelching lead or a smooth pad, kHs ONE stands ready to serve! But don’t worry, it won’t get sad if you just throw it in for a simple sine sub. Not visibly, at least.
With highly morphable oscillators and a vast array of modulation options all fit into an easy to understand GUI, kHs ONE is the perfect synth for both users new to subtractive synthesis as well as hardened veterans.

Just look at all these bullet points:

* 2 Main oscillators (saw/square/noise)
* Sub oscillator
* 2 multi mode filters (including vowel filter)
* Per voice wave shaper
* 2 LFOs
* 3 Envelopes (amp/filter/mod)
* 8 voice unison
* 24 voice polyphony
* Env/LFO legato on/off
* Portamento/Glide
* Onboard FX: Chorus, Delay, Equalizer and Limiter

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